Definition: Amount

For Transactions
The total dollar amount of the Transaction.
Option example: Selling 1 put for $1.50 premium would be an amount of $150 credit.
Stock example: Buying 10 shares of a $100 stock would be an amount of $10,000 debit.

For futures: Futures transactions don't actually initiate a debit or credit effect on cash, so instead, the Amount is set to the Notional Value of the futures contracts. Example: Buying 2 /ES contracts at 2,800 would show an amount of $280,000 debit. The multiplier is 50, so each /ES contract represents $140,000 in notional. Buying 2 of them will bring the total to $280,000 debit.

For Legs
The sum of all the child Transaction Amounts.
For Positions
The sum of all the child Leg Amounts.
This metric does not include commission or fees. (But Realized P/L does!)
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