Splitting Transactions

Sometimes you will have trades that come into Wingman as a single Transaction (the most granular level). But you need to split it into multiple Transactions, so that you can assign each lot to a different Position.

For example, if two different Positions in the same Underlying share the same exact option contract, and it gets assigned, there will only be one assignment Transaction, but it needs to be split across those two Positions.

Here's how you can do that in Wingman:

1. Find the Transaction that needs to be split and duplicate it via Actions menu.

You can see how we now have two 2-lots (wrong). Need to edit each one to the desired quantity (and different trade prices in many cases).

2. Edit the original Transaction and the new duplicate to be the desired quantities and prices, again using the Actions menu for each Transaction.

3. Now that you have the proper individual Transactions, you can move these to another existing Position or create a new one, using either of the top two options in the Actions menu.

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