Adjusting for Stock/Option Splits

If you have a stock or options that recently split, you will need to do some manual adjustment. Note that Wingman's policy is for customer's to modify their own data. Our Customer Happiness team is more than happy to explain the process, but customers must submit their own manual transactions.

For regular stock shares (no options), you can simply edit the quantity and cost basis directly on the Open Positions page to adjust for the new price. In the Transaction level (base-most level below Leg), you can click the Actions menu and "Edit Transaction". Ex: In a 2 for 1 split, you would multiply your quantity by two and cut your price per share in half.

Alternatively, and depending on the result of the split, you may prefer to submit manual transactions to close the old position with the original quantity and price, then open a new position with the new quantity and price.

For options, I recommend deleting your incorrect options (as the strike will probably change) and re-adding them by creating opening transactions in the manual importer. After deleting, go to Import Trades page, and then toggle to Manual mode. Then add your current options as opening transactions (buy/sell to open), with whichever entry date you'd like.

If you have any trouble with this process, please send us a message!

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