Manually Importing a Transaction

Wingman is optimized for importing transactions from CSV files provided by your broker. However, there are some occasions where you need to manually input a transaction. This can happen when a transaction is not included in your CSV file, such as an assignment or expiration of an option.

There are two ways to add a manual transaction:

  1. The Import Trades page in Manual mode
  2.  Add Closing Transaction for each Leg from the Open Positions page

Add a Manual Transaction from the Import Trades page

  1. Click on Import Trades on the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Manual button.
  3. Input all required fields and click Add Transaction.
  4. A list of transactions queued to import will be displayed below the Add Transaction button. You may add more transactions to the import queue. Also, there are a few extra functions to be aware of:
    1. Click the Delete button to remove the transaction.
    2. Click the Copy button to duplicate the transaction in the form fields. If you are manually importing multiple transactions with similar characteristics (such as for an iron condor), the copy function makes the process much faster.

  5. Once you have finished queuing the transactions, confirm or change the account to import them to using the Account dropdown box. Finally, click Import Transactions to import the transactions to Wingman.
  6. If the submission was successful, you will receive a popup message showing how many transactions were imported and to which account. Click Go to Open Positions.

Your transactions will now be imported to Wingman. You can verify the transaction by opening the underlying, leg, and strategy. From here, you can manage your open positions like you normally do; tagging positions for analysis or closing positions.

Add Closing Transaction from the Open Positions page

As you can probably tell by the name, these steps can only be used to close an already open position.

  1. Click on Open Positions on the navigation bar.
  2. Click the + icon for the underlying containing the position you want to close.
  3. For that underlying, click the + icon for the position you wish to close.
  4. For that strategy, click Actions for the leg you wish to close.
  5. Click Add Closing Transaction. The Create Closing Transaction For Leg window will appear.
  6. Input the closing transaction details into the form. Make sure you select the correct action; buy to close, sell to close, assignment of shares, expired option. After inputting all the data, click Create closing transaction.

The leg is now closed. You can verify the leg was closed by looking at the underlying and strategy on the Open Positions page.This process is done at the Leg level, so if you have multiple Legs within a Position, you'll want to follow those steps for each. Once all Legs are closed (0 quantity), the entire Position would show as ready to close, so that you can move it to the Closed Positions page.

Record an Option Assignment

If the option you want to close from an assignment is already on the Open Positions page, follow the instructions above and use the "ASSIGNED" mode in the popup window.

If it does not yet exist in Wingman, you will want to use the full manual importer like in the first section of this article to import the following two transactions:

  1. Assigned to Close to close the short put/call transaction that was assigned.
  2. Assigned to Open to open the long/short stock position in your account.
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