Interactive Brokers Trades CSV Instructions

Follow these steps to download your trades CSV file from Interactive Brokers and import into Wingman.

  1. Open Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation software. Note that Wingman presently only supports CSV's exported via Trader Workstation and not via the Interactive Brokers website.
  2. If you are using the Mosaic interface (rather than the Classic interface), click New window. Type classic, then click Classic TWS. The Classic TWS interface will open
  3. Click on the Trade Log icon.
  4. Choose the number of days you want to import transactions for. The maximum is 7 days, so make sure to upload to Wingman at least every week (daily is ideal but not necessary). Wingman filters out duplicates when importing duplicates, so do not worry if you import transactions from the same day multiple times.

    Also, Wingman will only accept transactions that occurred after you added the account to Wingman.
  5. Click File> Export Display Reports...
  6. Select Custom Columns and click Choose.
  7. Click Select All so that all columns are exported, then click Ok on the columns and then Ok again to export. Don't open it on your computer before uploading to Wingman, as it will autoreformat dates and cause problems.
  8. 🎉Upload your file to its respective account at the top of the Import Trades page.
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