Edit a Transaction

Wingman does a pretty good job of accurately importing data from position and transaction CSVs provided by brokerages. However, there may be times where bad data was exported from the broker or you input the wrong values in a manual transaction entry. Follow these steps to edit an existing transaction in Wingman when you need to correct errors.

Note that only certain values can be updated in the Edit Transaction function. Fields such as instrument type (e.g. stock, call, put), strike, and expiration date cannot be updated because changing these values may alter how Wingman groups transactions into legs and strategies. If you need to edit one of these fields, delete the transaction from Open Positions and submit a manual transaction.

  1. Click Open Positions to view the Open Positions page.

  2. Click the + icons on the underlying, position, and leg that holds the position you wish to edit.

  3. On the row with the transaction to be edited, click the Actions button on the right, then click Edit Transaction. The Edit Transaction will appear.

  4. Modify the values as needed then click Update Transaction.

  5. The Open Positions page will update with the new values.

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