Rolling back imported transactions

There may be times when you want to undo your last import, such as importing the wrong file or importing to the wrong account. Wingman's rollback function allows users to remove their most recently imported transactions from their account. Doing so 'rolls back' the account to the position in trades before the import occurred. 

Things to be aware of when performing rollbacks:

  • Rollbacks can be performed on both manual and CSV imports. Be aware that the rollback only affects the most recent import regardless of whether that import was manual or a CSV file.
  • Note rollbacks cannot be undone.
  • Only the most recent import can be rolled back. Wingman does not allow multiple rollbacks.

See the steps below to perform a rollback:

  1. In this example, the rollback will remove the most recent import, which was transactions made on May 25. The other transactions will remain.
  2. Click on Import Trades on the top navigation bar.
  3. For the account that you wish to roll back, click on Rollback last import

  4. Click Ok in the popup.

  5. Click on Open Positions to verify that the most recently imported positions were removed.

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