Importing cryptocurrency positions

Hey crypto fans! Wingman supports importing and tracking cryptocurrency positions in your accounts! 

Some information to keep in mind:

  • Wingman currently supports the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as:
    1. Bitcoin (BTC/USD)
    2. Litecoin (LTC/USD)
    3. Ethereum (ETH/USD)
  • If your cryptocurrency is not supported, contact to request it be added to our database. Note that Wingman can only provide quotes for cryptocurrencies supported by our data provided, meaning only the most popular cryptos will be supported.
  • Crypto symbols must be in a forex format and not just the name of the crypto. That is, BTC/USD and not simply BTC.
  • You can import cryptocurrency positions either in via CSV file or manual transaction. Make sure you select Crypto in the Instrument field in the manual import form.
  • Crypto positions are treated just like any other position in Wingman. Positions can be opened, edited, deleted, and closed. After closing, crypto positions will move to the Closed Positions tab and the P/L will appear in calculations on the Analysis tab.

If you run into any difficulties importing or managing crypto positions, please contact

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