Assignment with Incorrect Action

Importing an option assignment in Wingman generates two transactions: 

  1. Recording a assigned transaction for the short option.
  2. Recording a buy to open (sell to open) transaction for the long (short) shares.

Wingman marks all assignments as opening trades, even if the account holds the opposite position. 

For example, consider an account holding short 100 AAPL shares and a short 100 AAPL put:

If that short put is assigned on the next CSV import, it will be closed and 100 shares will be assigned/purchased. The transaction may have different action values because different brokerages report assignments differently in their CSVs. Also note that some brokerages do not report assignments at all. As a result, Wingman might record the assignment as Assigned to Open or Buy to Open. The action will have no impact on the open/closed status of the leg/position.

Consider in the example above that the short put was assigned and shares were deposited. The account will now look like below:

Even though the actions for the long stock position do not correspond (e.g. they are both opening transactions), the net result is a zero outstanding quantity for that leg. Since all legs for this position have a zero quantity, it can be closed.

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