Merging and Transferring Accounts

Transferring Accounts

Customers can move an account from one broker to another in Wingman. The easiest way is to simply change the brokerage associated with the account in Wingman. 

Note that this will only work for a transfer where all positions in a single account at one broker are transferred to a single account at another broker and no additional transactions are being added as a result of the transfer. If you are transferring an account at one broker into an existing account at another broker, and that account has additional positions, refer to the Merge Accounts section below.

  1. Click on Accounts on the Wingman navigation bar.
  2. Click Edit on the account you wish to transfer. Note in the screenshot, the account is at the Infinity Futures broker.
  3. In the modal, use the Select Brokerage field to choose the new brokerage then click Save Account.
  4. The account is now moved to the chosen brokerage. Note in the screenshot, the account is now at the tastyworks brokerage.

Merging Accounts

Merging accounts in Wingman will move all transactions from one account to another. This feature is useful for customers that have multiple accounts at a broker that decide to consolidate their trades into a single account. When merging an account, all open and closed positions will be moved to the other account.

  1. Note the Merge test account has a single position.
  2. Click on Accounts in the Wingman navigation menu.
  3. Click on Merge for the account you wish to merge.
  4. In the Merge Account modal, choose the account to merge into, then click Merge Accounts.
  5. Click Ok in the next two popups to confirm the merge action.
  6. The accounts will now be merged. All positions in the first account will be moved to the new account, leaving the first account with 0 positions and 0 transactions. Note that merging accounts does not delete the original account. If you no longer plan to use this account, can choose to delete it.
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