Commissions/fees are inaccurate or missing

Wingman will import all the commissions and fees that your broker has charged you for executing trades on their platform. Wingman does not distinguish between the two; it combines values and records both in the Commissions field in the transaction record.

There are a few scenarios, however, where commissions and fees may appear inaccurate or missing:

1. The fee is not included in the transaction row in the CSV file. Charges like data subscription fees that are charged at the account level will not be tracked in Wingman. Also, if the fees are not listed in the CSV transaction row, Wingman cannot import them.

2. The transaction was imported as part of the initial positions import when initializing your Wingman account. The initial position import is always the first step when creating a new Wingman account. Many brokers do not include fees in their position exports, so the data is not available for Wingman to import.

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