Manually Closing a Position

Wingman does a great job of matching opening and closing transactions together. However, not every brokerage includes all closing transactions in their CSV exports. For example, transactions like option assignments or expirations may be missing from a CSV, preventing Wingman from recording the closing transaction. This is the typical cause of the Negative DTE issue some users encounter. 

There are two ways to close open positions in Wingman; 

  1. Adding a Closing Transaction from the Open Positions page
  2. Importing a manual transaction with closing values

Adding a Closing Transaction from the Open Positions page

  1. Navigate to the Open Positions page and find the leg that is missing the closing transaction. Consider in the example below that the July 16 long 250 put has expired out-of-the-money.

  2. Click on Actions on the leg, then Add Closing Transaction.

  3. In the Create Closing Transaction for Leg panel, input the closing transaction values. Note through this workflow, you can create closing transactions for all types (i.e. buy, sell, assigned, expired). In our example, the type is Expired.

  4. Click Create Closing Transaction to generate the transaction. The closing transaction will appear and Wingman will make the appropriate P/L and quantity values.

    If the strategy is fully closed, the quantity should be 0 and the Move to Closed Positions checkmark should be highlighted. 
  5. You can then mark this position as closed by following the steps in the Marking Positions as Closed article.

Importing a Manual Transaction with Closing Values

To submit a manual transaction that will close the open position, follow the steps in Manually Importing a Transaction with the closing position values. Wingman will match this closing transaction with the opening transaction, which can now be marked as closed.

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